Travel Like a Flight Attendant

You might not want to be a flight attendant, battling
non-stop jet lag and coddling cranky passengers, but haven’t you secretly longed to travel like one?  Imagine
breezing past lines at security and customs, relaxing in comfortable transportation to your hotel and stretching vacation dollars with special discounts.

I worked for 30 years as a Flight Attendant/In-Charge
Flight Attendant with a major international airline, logging over 20 million air miles and visiting more than 36 countries. After retiring, I knew I’d miss those perks, so I devised ways to get that first class feeling on an
economy budget. Now, I’m sharing those tips with you.

Along with creative budget advice, you’ll read about fire and hotel safety routines that may save your life and what to do if you’re arrested or detained in a foreign country. An interactive table of contents, live links to important sites plus the Ultimate Travel Checklist makes Travel Like a Flight Attendant™ the ideal guide for every traveller.

Crew members often joke about being frugal and a 747 Captain once told me that copper wire was invented by two pilots fighting over a penny. I know you’ll save at least the purchase price of this book before you even board the aircraft. But more than that, your trip will be more enjoyable because you know how to travel like a flight attendant.

Now available at and Smashwords, Kobo, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble and as a PDF download from Smashwords.

Happy flying!

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